Founded by community-loved Derek Lawrence, Revive Naturopathic Medicine, INC. is one of the most valued functional medicine clinics in San Diego County.


Our History

Revive Naturopathic Medicine, Inc. was established by Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND, a passionate functional medicine and brain health advocate, with experience in providing integrative medical care for his patients. Revive has facilitated great success in treating complex chronic health conditions for its patients and is valued for its powerfully unique perspective, speciality services and dedication to individualistic solutions.

Our Approach

Revive Naturopathic Medicine provides functional medical and naturopathic care for patients seeking an individualized and integrative approach to their healthcare.  We are committed to providing comprehensive care, education, motivation and inspiration to our patients, that allows them to truly improve their health and not simply manage their disease. With a broad toolbox of therapies and laboratory investigation we are able to help our patients get to the root of their problem, understand the variables contributing and make actionable steps to help them overcome their health challenges.



Portraits by Melissa Lawrence


Doc Derek Lawrence, ND


Doc Derek Lawrence is the founder of Revive Naturopathic Medicine, Inc. in Carlsbad, California. He earned his doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Derek also serves as Director of Integrative Medicine at VeraVia, an all-inclusive luxury wellness retreat.

Professional Memberships
Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
California Naturopathic Doctors Association

Areas of Focus
Preventive/Integrative Cardiovascular Health
Diabetes and Blood Sugar Regulation
Brain Health and Cognitive Disorders
Digestive Dysfunction
Hormone Imbalance (adrenal/thyroid/sex hormones)
Autoimmune Disease
Stress Management and Sleep Problems
Weight Control
Functional Mental Health


Associates & Staff


Katie Koniakowsky

Office Manager

Katie has been the Office Manager at Revive since 2015. Before she worked for Doc Derek she was a patient of his and developed a deep respect for his healing practice. She is passionate about wellness, nutrition and cultivating long term healing which led her to get her degree in health coaching and start her own business as a Health Coach in 2017. She’s enjoys working alongside Doc Derek and learning from him in the areas of integrative medicine.


Kellie Carnohan

Marketing Manager

Kellie has been the Marketing Manager at Revive since 2018. She strives to bring authenticity to her role—presenting Revive to be exactly as it appears. She appreciates the practitioner-to-patient relationships at Revive, and loves watching as her own parents’ health improves due to efforts related to Naturopathic Medicine.


Bethany Leavelle