Revive Naturopathic Medicine
Revive Your Health


Holistic, Functional & Integrative Care  

REVIVE offers a renewed way of understanding health, which empowers and revitalizes our patients to restore balance in their lives.
— Doc Derek Lawrence, ND

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Advocating for your health


To support you in SUPERIOR HEALTH. 

Using time honoured knowledge, along with proven modalities, and cutting edge technologies supported by recognized research, we are here for your unique needs.

At REVIVEyour wellbeing and individualized care is our top priority!  

We are devoted to working with you to achieve your health goals and desires; as doctors, teachers, advisers and your trusted partners-in-health.

We greatly understand the importance of feeling heard and understood by your doctors. We are here to listen so that we can work united in having you experience abundant energy, freedom from pain, balanced moods, restful sleep, nourishing relationships and overall exceptional health.